Anna Powell-Smith

Hello! I'm a developer, specialising in data visualisation, data analysis, and geospatial applications. I'm currently chief product officer at Flourish. Get in touch: [email protected]

Selected projects

My projects use coding, data, stats, maps and visualisation to tell compelling stories. Here are a few of them.

House prices

I used new government data on 6.2m house sales to produce definitive prices per m2 for property in England & Wales. The most expensive postcode in the country is SW1X, in Mayfair: check yours here.

Data for doctors

I was the founding tech director at the Evidence-Based Medicine DataLab at Oxford University. The Lab writes research and builds projects to help doctors and academics: read more here.

Offshore land ownership

I helped Private Eye map all the land in England owned by overseas companies. The Eye wrote many related stories, the map was discussed in Parliament, and it won 'highly commended' for digital innovation in the British Journalism Awards.

Dress sizes

I decided it was too hard to work out your dress size in different shops. So I built What Size Am I to make it easier. It was featured in the Guardian, Daily Mail, Economist, Wall Street Journal, BBC TV and many other places.

Domesday Book

I put the Domesday Book online, for free, for the first time. (The National Archives site makes you pay to see it!) Open Domesday shows every town in Domesday, alongside the original manuscript.

Baby names

I made a site to search English baby names, and wrote about the trends (Ava is up, Jordan down). My findings were featured in the Guardian, Telegraph, Economist, Sun, and on BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

A few more: farm payments, football scores, train times, improving shoe shopping, and visualising statistical uncertainty.


I've worked with large companies, non-profits, government and startups. Corporate clients include Marks & Spencer, RAND, Morgan Stanley, and Channel 4. Startup clients include Axon, Nestoria, ElasticHosts. Non-profit clients include Greenpeace, the Government Digital Service and Oxford University.


I have an MA in English and MPhil in computer science from Cambridge, where I studied natural language processing, speech recognition and machine learning. After that I worked in the City of London, then became a full-time developer in 2009.


I'm based in Gloucestershire and London, UK. Find me on Twitter or GitHub. Or read my blog. Get in touch: [email protected]